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Disney Plus Will Add a New Ad-Free Streaming Bundle Next Month


Disney is adding another streaming bundle package for customers who want to watch without ads. The upcoming Duo Premium plan will feature both ad-free Disney Plus and ad-free Hulu for $20 a month.

CEO Bob Iger announced the new plan, which will arrive on Sept. 6, during the company’s third-quarter earnings call on Wednesday. The new bundle joins three existing Disney Plus options between $10 and $20: Duo Basic with ads (Disney Plus, Hulu), Trio Basic with ads (Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN) and Trio Premium without ads (Disney Plus, Hulu, ESPN).

The new bundle will be available for US customers, while Canadian subscribers will also have an additional option. Additionally, prices for the existing Trio Basic and Trio Premium plans are set to increase on Oct. 12.

“I’m pleased to share that our ad-supported Disney Plus subscription offering will become available in Canada and in select markets across Europe beginning Nov. 1,” said Iger. “A new ad-free bundled subscription plan featuring Disney Plus and Hulu will be available in the US.”

The entertainment giant also has plans to combine Disney Plus and Hulu into a single streaming app, with both platforms remaining as standalone options. During its second-quarter earnings call in May, Iger shared that the unified Hulu-Disney Plus offering will be ad-supported and only available to customers who already have both streaming services through a Disney bundle. Disney is currently working on merging content for the two services.


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