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Chipolo’s new item trackers are basically AirTags for Android | Engadget


Google doesn’t have a direct equivalent to Apple’s AirTags, but it might come close. Chipolo has teamed up with Google to introduce One Point (shown above) and Card Point (below) item trackers that work exclusively with Android’s Find My Device network. They take advantage of the phone platform’s ubiquity to not only increase the chances of locating your gear, but to find unknown trackers that might be used to spy on your whereabouts.

Both trackers support Android’s Fast Pair to speed through setup, and are water-resistant. The differences extend beyond their shapes. The One Point is the loudest with a 120dB ring, and lasts a year on its replaceable battery. The Card Point is quieter at 105dB and relies on a renewal program when the battery wears down, but it also lasts for two years.

Chipolo Card Point


Chipolo is taking pre-orders for both devices now. The One Point sells for $28, and the Card Point is available for $35. Four-packs for each respectively cost $79 and $112, and you can get a One/Card bundle for $77. Orders should ship by the second half of July. You’ll need a phone running at least Android 9 with Google Play Services. That covers many phones released in North America and Europe over the past five years.

The Point trackers are really counterparts to Chipolo’s iPhone-oriented One Spot and Card Spot. However, they also reflect Google’s broader effort to flesh out the Android ecosystem. You don’t have to rely on a third-party tracking network like Tile’s or Samsung’s to find missing items. Of course, this also locks you into Android — you’ll have to replace your trackers if you ever switch platforms.

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