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Best GABA Supplements for 2023


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Bottle of Source Naturals GABA Calm supplement

Source Naturals GABA Calm Lozenges

Best GABA lozenges

$12 at Amazon

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Bottle of Pure Encapsulations GABA supplement

Pure Encapsulations GABA

Best high-dose GABA supplement

GABA — Gamma-aminobutyric acid — is a necessary amino acid that works as a neurotransmitter to calm the brain. GABA has additionally been shown to play a significant role in our immune and endocrine systems. It’s also worth noting that anxiety, mood disorders and insomnia have all been linked to low GABA levels. 

That’s where supplements come in. GABA is often an ingredient in stress-relieving and sleep aids, though it’s also available as a standalone supplement. Before we talk about the best GABA supplements, though, a caveat: There’s a lot of debate around GABA supplementation and whether it actually works or provides health benefits.

The research is varied, spanning decades and still without clinical determination. However, GABA supplements are generally considered safe to take. Below are our picks for the best GABA supplement options out there if you want to try them, but remember that it’s best to speak to your doctor before taking any GABA supplement, to ensure it suits your health needs.

How did we choose the best GABA supplements?

This curated list was determined based on company reputation, ingredients, dosage and customer reviews. The price, quality and form of each supplement were also considered.  

Our picks for the best GABA supplements 

Bottle of Thorne GABA Supplement


Thorne is one of the most respected brands for supplements, thanks to its independent research, high-quality ingredients and simple formulas that you can trust. That’s because Thorne goes the extra mile to clinically test its products for effectiveness.

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Bottle of NOW GABA supplement


NOW is one of the most affordable and well-known brands in the supplement industry. It’s what I would consider a no-fuss, budget GABA supplement that you can count on. It includes a big dose of 500 mg of GABA and 2 mg of vitamin B-6, 118% of your daily value.

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Bottle of Source Naturals GABA Calm supplement

Source Naturals

If you have difficulty swallowing capsules, you may be looking for a GABA supplement in lozenge form. Lozenges dissolve in your mouth and enter your bloodstream rather than breaking down in your small intestine. This GABA supplement is available in either orange or mint flavors.

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Bottle of Pure Encapsulations GABA supplement

Pure Encapsulations

For those who are GABA-deficient and looking for a product with a ton of GABA, consider Pure Encapsulations, with 700 mg of GABA in one capsule. The brand has been around for 30 years and is one of the most trusted supplement brands around.

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Packaging of Frunutta GABA tablet supplements


Frunutta offers a GABA supplement in a quickly dissolving tablet in a natural cherry flavor. Because you place it under your tongue to dissolve, absorption happens faster and avoids entering the digestive system. Unlike the other options on the list, Frunutta’s dosage is lower at only 100 mg. It’s great for people who want a no-fuss option that has a low dose of GABA. Or people who want to take GABA to reduce anxiety throughout the day. It allows you to decide when to take them without worrying about getting too much.

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What is GABA?

GABA is a naturally occurring amino acid that functions as an inhibitory neurotransmitter. It attaches to nerve receptors in the brain and changes its ability to take in and send signals. Essentially, it calms us down by blocking signals from excitatory messages from getting to the central nervous system. 

GABA receptors in the brain are targeted by medications that treat mood disorders, insomnia and epilepsy. 

Let me break it down even further: GABA helps calm our nervous system — which can help calm anxiety, stress and help us sleep. It can help us sleep by slowing brain activity and dropping our heart rate and blood pressure. It’s conceptually similar to how alcohol can help you fall asleep; research suggests alcohol can bind to GABA receptors and block signaling. 

Do GABA supplements work? 

Here’s the thing about GABA supplements: The research varies on what they can precisely do. There isn’t a consensus on the effectiveness, how much of the supplement reaches the brain and how long it lasts. There is debate about whether GABA supplements can effectively pass through the blood-brain barrier. Additionally, there isn’t significant evidence that GABA supplements can help treat medical conditions.

However, there are signs that it may help you sleep. A small study investigating GABA for insomnia found that those who took 300 mg of GABA an hour before bedtime fell asleep faster and reported better sleep. However, this study was of only 40 people. 

GABA that naturally occurs in the brain does help you sleep and reduce anxiety. It’s just not yet clear if GABA supplements work in the same way or not. 

What are the side effects of GABA supplements?

Again, more research is needed to determine the potential downsides of GABA supplements. According to a safety review from the United States Pharmacopeia, a clinical study of 120 mg per day of GABA for 12 weeks wasn’t associated with any side effects. Another study in the review found that higher doses of 5 g or 10 g per day resulted in a burning sensation in the throat that went away after a few minutes. 

However, there are common side effects that have been reported. They are as follows:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Burning sensation in the throat
  • Drowsiness
  • Digestive problems
  • Muscle weakness 

Some research has found that GABA supplements have the potential to interfere with certain medications and supplements that lower your blood pressure, like folic acid or omega-3 fatty acids. Since GABA supplements also lower your blood pressure, mixing the two could drop it too much. 

There’s a lot we don’t know for sure about GABA supplements. Research is still ongoing. Speak to your doctor and review your prescription medications to determine if a GABA supplement is safe for your health. 

What to consider when shopping for GABA supplements

The FDA doesn’t regulate the supplement market as it does medications. This means there are fewer requirements for manufacturers when producing products. That’s why it’s important to watch for key factors that can guide you in choosing the best GABA supplement for your needs.

  • Brand reputation: Many brands are eager to establish trust and bridge the gap between regulations and their practices. Many have in-house research and third-party certifications that can help you feel confident in the product that you’re buying.  
  • Dosage: Different GABA supplements will have different dosages and recommendations. Pay close attention to this, especially if you’re on medications that lower your blood pressure. 
  • Ingredients: You would assume GABA supplements only have GABA in them. However, many supplements may have fillers, allergens and artificial dyes that you may wish to avoid. 
  • Form: Like so many other supplements, there are several forms that GABA supplements come in. The most popular is a capsule, but they’re also available in lozenges or liquid form. Note that the liquid form of any supplement is harder to monitor the dosage you ingest. 

Best GABA supplements FAQ

What do GABA supplements do?

GABA functions in the brain to hinder nerve receptors’ ability to receive and send signals, which results in a calming effect for the body. This is most significant in the help of managing anxiety and stress. However, the best GABA supplements can also help you fall asleep faster at night. 

Do GABA supplements really work for anxiety?

GABA supplements help lower blood pressure, a necessary step in treating stress and anxiety. Small studies support the effects of GABA supplements for anxiety on slowing brain waves. 

What are the negative effects of too much GABA?

Side effects associated with GABA vary depending on your body and how much you take. However, common side effects include a burning sensation in the throat, drowsiness, digestive troubles and fatigue. 

When is the best time to take GABA?

Take GABA supplements on an empty stomach for the best results. If you’re taking it to help you sleep, it’s best to take your GABA supplement about an hour before you go to sleep.


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