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Best AI Marketing Tools To Try And Grow Your eLearning Business


The Best AI Marketing Tools To Boost Sales For eLearning Products And Services

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken off in marketing, and it’s not going to stop anytime soon. I would be surprised if there were any eLearning companies—big or small—that haven’t at least considered using top AI marketing tools to boost revenue and bring business growth. By implementing some of the best AI marketing tools right now, not only will you stay ahead of the competition, but you’ll manage to free valuable time for your team members, creating space for more meaningful projects to become a reality!

If you’re in the eLearning space trying to make a difference via blogging, content marketing, thought leadership marketing, e-commerce, or affiliate marketing, you can use AI-powered marketing tools to your advantage.

AI is an excellent solution if you know how to handle it. It’s a win-win, from running and putting together effective marketing strategies to hitting your goals faster. Start sooner than later by adding these tools to your eLearning marketing plan. That’s what we’ve done. Try and see what makes the cut. Not all will be ideal, but you’ll undoubtedly find at least 2–3 that will save your time and resources for better usage.

Let’s dive right in!

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Best AI Marketing Tools You Should Try

First off, what is an AI marketing tool?

To make it simple, an AI marketing tool uses Artificial Intelligence technology so that it can create automated decisions. It can be in the form of a software or platform. The system makes decisions based on collected data. This data has already been analyzed and interpreted, taking into consideration the market trend. Ultimately, AI marketing tools can help eLearning marketers develop a marketing strategy that has the ability to anticipate the buyer’s next move. AI marketing tools are formidable for eLearning businesses because they have the capacity to make automated decisions at lightning speed. If you want to save time and resources, you can leverage an AI marketing tool that does all the above in real time without any human intervention.

As happens with most trends, there are many types of AI marketing tools. For instance, here are only some of the AI tool categories you can find out there:

  • Text generation AI tools
  • Language processing AI tools
  • Video and auditing AI tools
  • Text-to-image AI tools
  • Voice control and text-to-speech AI tools
  • Social media AI tools
  • Business AI tools
  • SEO AI tools

Let’s take a closer look at what some of these AI tools can do and why you should consider using them.

1. AI Marketing Tools For Multiple Purposes

What I love about this type of AI marketing tools is that they combine many features. For example, you can find tools with features for content generation, tone of voice settings, Machine Learning, plagiarism checks, etc. Plenty also offer customizable templates. If you’re looking for a solution that will help you create high-quality ad copy, emails, landing pages, articles, or social media posts, they are an excellent solution. You can even use them for e-commerce shops and let the AI produce product descriptions for you.

Leveraging AI caption writing and brainstorming is vital when you want to save time. Other tools even allow post scheduling and the use of auto-suggested hashtags. So, social media managers can easily get more productive and finish their job faster. In addition, you can find tools with features like Search Engine Optimization, paragraph generation, meta generation, and AI blogging tools. Also, features like content management, predictive analytics, dynamic content, and engagement metrics are something that will interest most eLearning content marketers out there. And if you’re more into LinkedIn, there are tools specialized in personalised LinkedIn outreach and cold emails. For marketers that are more set on performance, you can utilize tools that offer campaign insights, hyper-segmentation, A/B testing, and multichannel tracking. Other tools combine AI-powered writing with email management and metrics.

Prices can range from just a few bucks to $300 per month. The more advanced tools usually offer custom quotes.

My suggestion is to head for the ones that offer a free trial at first so that you can get a better idea about the tool.

Here are some examples of AI marketing tools you can try out: Jasper, Flick, Growth Bar, Phrasee, Smartwriter.ai, and Optimove.

2. AI Content Marketing Tools

Here at eLearning Industry, we’re all about content marketing, so you can easily guess that, when it comes to the best AI marketing tools, these are my favorite!

Tools like these are the epitome of AI-powered marketing software, as they can help businesses improve the quality of content. And you all know how crucial this is if you want to get better rankings in the SERPs. For one, big companies like Google and Amazon use similar tools to ensure all their marketing content aligns with their brand. When it comes to content, it’s key to be able to set style, tone, and grammar. Or you may have company-specific wording. So, it’s essential to be able to add that into your AI-generated content to spend less time editing. You’re gonna love how AI goes through the content and offers suggestions for improvements! What’s more, there are AI tools that can do all the topics research for you. And, of course, you can boost sales conversions with the help of AI and chatbots.

Content marketing experts have a few aces up their sleeves. And AI is one of them.

Some tools can be used for free but with limited features. For others, the price ranges from $8 per month to $300 per month. For premium products, you can see prices of up to tens of thousands per month, which might be a no-go depending on your eLearning marketing budget. Custom quotes are still in play. But, again, a free trial will help clear out the air and help you make the best decision for your business. If investing in AI tools seems like too much, you can still outsource to one of the best content marketing agencies in your niche and ask for feedback.

Here are some suggestions you might want to consider: Grammarly, Manychat, Acrolinx, Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence, Instatext, Seventh Sense, Marketmuse, DeepL, Chatfuel, Customers.ai, Copy AI, ChatGPT, and Article Forge.

3. AI SEO Tools

SEO is another favorite of mine, so I couldn’t leave these out.

Such tools help you assess and create content marketing campaigns, as well as deal with any issues. In this category, you can find tools designed to optimize landing pages, blog posts, articles, and other copy. When the tool has a more technical SEO approach, it’s easier for users to audit existing content and compare it with what other brands are doing.

Evaluating keywords and ranking metrics to analyze content is essential if you want to rank first in Google searches. If you have written any article in your life, you’ll appreciate the time earned having the AI generate an SEO-friendly outline for you. That way, you can write content that has the potential to rank higher on search results! Not to mention you gain the extra time to work on something more essential.

For any eLearning business, improving online reputation is everything. I love how you can use powerful AI tools for social media monitoring. This way, your eLearning brands can keep track of any positive or negative feedback. And even get quality backlinks as all happens in real time. But monitoring brand reputation is just one thing you can do.

Here are some AI SEO tools you might want to try: Brand24, Surfer SEO, and Frase.io.

4. Bonus AI Tools For Your Consideration

When it comes to text-to-image AI tools, you can test out Dall-e or Midjourney. It’s amazing how you can create enhanced images from text in just a few seconds. Marketers can reap the benefits of this technology to save graphic designers time or use images for brainstorming, concepts, or just for inspiration. For presentation and design AI tools, you may want to take a look at Beautiful.ai. For example, you can create images for social media and advertising. Or any marketing material, for that matter. These tools allow you to generate custom images that follow your branding and messaging. Just a few more ideas; you can create images for blog posts and articles or any other type of content. Maybe you want some new design elements for your website, app, or other digital product. AI can help bring your idea to life!

  • Video and audio editing AI tools

This category totally blew my mind the first time I heard about it. And I actually had the chance to discover it via the eLearning community. You see, eLearning course creators (or any content creators, for that matter) leverage these AI tools to create video content faster!

With AI tools like Synthesia and Decrypt, you can create various types of content. For one, you may want to train employees by creating educational content. Or you can use it to mass-produce high-quality synthetic media. You can even leverage the technology to replace voiceover and let AI take over. Even HR departments can use it to onboard employees. Maybe you need to transcribe your videos in 20 languages. With AI, you can! No matter what you choose to do with it, you have yet another tool to elevate your video marketing strategy. And when it comes to voice control and text-to-speech AI tools, you can take a look at Lovo.ai, Speechify, Murf.ai, Synthesys, or Speechelo.

Summing Up

The benefits of AI in eLearning marketing are more than you can count. Just to summarize the major ones, Artificial Intelligence is bound to help you automate decisions and save time and money. It’s a fantastic tool for creating real-time personalization and is for sure able to increase your company’s Return On Investment. The deep customer insights will show you what buyers want, while the content generation and research tools are here to make your content marketing and SEO tasks easier.

You can use Artificial Intelligence in marketing for content creation, automated email marketing campaigns, chatbots, dynamic pricing control, and forecasting sales.

An AI tool is a gold mine of insights for getting more info on how customers perceive your brand, product, and industry trends. Once more, you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to choosing tools for crafting optimized long-form content like articles, landing pages, emails, or sales copy. Be it consumer intelligence or social media monitoring and management, you can find alternative solutions. Generating actionable insights is key if you want to understand your customers better. Such tools can also help you get to know your brand and where it fits into the current eLearning market.

I bet many of the best digital marketing agencies out there are starting to understand the power of AI. If your budget is limited, instead of outsourcing, you could try out some tools with your internal marketing team and see where that gets you.


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