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Best Adjustable Mattress for 2023


$268 at Amazon


Lucid 10-Inch Plush Gel Memory Foam

Best budget adjustable mattress

An adjustable mattress can mean two things: a bed with customizable settings that allows you to change firmness and temperature, or a bed that’s suitable for an adjustable bed frame. Adjustable bed frames offer customizable sleep positions and provide a ton of different benefits, including better circulation, reduced snoring and improved spine alignment to help you get a better night’s rest. They can also help provide relief from acid reflux, as well as help with sleep apnea. 

Our best adjustable mattress review includes both, and even a top-rated adjustable bed frame pick. 

The most important features to look for in the best adjustable mattress that fits a moving bed frame are those that encourage flexibility — even the best adjustable bed frame can’t accommodate a mattress that isn’t meant to adjust. An adjustable mattress should bend where the adjustable bed base bends without too much resistance. That said, most bed-in-a-box mattresses these days are compatible with an adjustable bed frame because the materials inside are able to bend and flex. 

I have personally tested over 100 beds and multiple bed frames. My hope is to pair you with one of our top six picks for the best adjustable mattress and bases below. The prices listed are for queen sizes, and you can often get a good discount when you bundle your adjustable base with your new mattress. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your entire sleeping situation and get a better night’s rest, we can offer recommendations for the best sheets, pillows and more.

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Best adjustable mattresses of 2023

Mattress price scale:

$ = Budget: $799 and below

$$ = Average: $800 to $1,699

$$$ = Premium: $1,700 and up

These reflect MSRP or list prices. Sales might make a mattress less expensive, but are always changing.



Type Luxury air mattressFirmness Customizable firmness levelTrial 365 nightsWarranty Lifetime warranty Price $$$

The Saatva Solaire adjustable mattress features certified eco-friendly foam, 100% natural Talalay latex, a top cover of organic cotton and a flame-retardant barrier of natural thistle pulp.

Saatva Solaire

$350 off $1,000 purchase

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Type Hyper-Elastic Polymer mattressFirmness Medium or 5Trial 100 nightsWarranty 10-year warranty Price $$

The Purple mattress has become known for its unique TV commercials and one-of-a-kind Purple Grid feature, a gridded layer that promises to keep the sleeper’s hips and shoulders in a gentle contour while the spine is held in proper alignment.

Purple Original Mattress

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Type Memory foam mattressFirmness Medium to medium-firm or 6Trial 365 nightsWarranty Forever warranty Price $

The Nectar mattress and adjustable base set is one of the most affordable mattress bundles you can get your hands on, but affordability does not equal low quality here. I like to compare to Tempur-Pedic (but cheaper), and the adjustable base comes with extra features that other brands make you pay extra for.

Nectar Memory Foam

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Type Memory foam mattressFirmness Medium-soft or 3Trial 30 nightsWarranty 10-year limited warranty Price $

The Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress is a wallet-friendly bed and a popular pick on Amazon. Similarly, the adjustable bed frames offered by the brand give you the ability to customize your sleeping experience for less.

Lucid 10-inch Gel Memory Foam

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Avocado Green

Type Latex HybridFirmness 7 or medium-firm with the pillow top (9 or firm without)Trial 365 nightsWarranty 25-year limited warranty Price $$$

The Avocado Green mattress is an environmentally friendly favorite made with sustainably sourced natural and organic products. It’s a latex hybrid mattress that utilizes certified organic latex foam, New Zealand wool, organic cotton and recycled steel. It’s as green of a mattress as you can get, hence the well-suited name.

Avocado Green

Owen from My Slumber Yard testing out the GhostBed Adjustable Bed Frame

My Slumber Yard

The GhostBed Classic mattress and adjustable base bundle is middle-tier as far as price goes, but you’re getting top-quality products I’d assume to be more expensive. The flagship GhostBed mattress has a mixed foam feel as it uses a combination of memory foam and the brand’s own latex foam that’s more durable and breathable than other popular foams.

GhostBed Classic 11 Inch Cool Gel Memory Foam & Latex Mattress (Queen)

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Other adjustable mattresses we’ve tested

CNET editors have tested a number of mattresses, over 100 to be exact. Their experience enables them to curate best mattress lists like this one, and pick the beds that stand out from the rest. While the beds above are great options, there are a few more beds tested by editors that could be up for consideration.

Casper mattress: The Casper mattress gets partial credit for bringing bed-in-a-box mattresses to the mainstream, and it’s arguably one of the biggest brands in the online market. So much so, you can now find this mattress in popular retail stores like Target or Costco. It’s an affordable all-foam mattress with a neutral, responsive feel unlike memory foam. It also has a zoned-support design that provides targeted support to the back and pressure relief to the hips and shoulders. It’s rated around a 5 or medium on the firmness scale, making it ideal for just about any sleeping position. 

Brooklyn Bedding Signature: This is a pretty basic hybrid mattress, but it has a quality design with a surprisingly low price tag for a bed with coils. It’s one of my top favorite brands because they manufacture their own beds, a feat most other mattress brands don’t do. This allows them to sell their beds for the low. This bed is offered in three different firmness levels from soft to firm, so it’s suitable for all sleeping positions from side, back, stomach and combo. Its hybrid design also makes it suitable for any body type. 

Amerisleep mattress: This is a memory foam bed similar to the Nectar mattress because it’s made with foam materials and has a dense, slow-responding feel. Though, with Amerisleep, it comes in five different firmness levels. The softer the mattress, though, the more you’re going to have to pay. A huge plus about this line of beds is they all come with removable, machine washable covers. A lot of mattress covers require spot cleaning, so this makes removing stains a lot easier. 

How we test adjustable mattresses

CNET editors pick the products and services we write about based on editorial merit. When you buy through our links, we may get a commission. 

  1. Firmness: Using our experience of testing over 100 different beds, we analyze how firm or soft a bed feels in comparison to other beds. We use a one through 10 scale with 10 being the firmest. 
  2. Feel: We get physical with the mattress and see what the material feels like. This is different from firmness. Depending on the foam and materials of a mattress, we see if the bed is bouncy, slow-responding, pressure-relieving or plush and fluffy. 
  3. Durability: It’s difficult to tell exactly how long each bed will last because we don’t test it for years on end. However, we are able to hypothesize a bed’s firmness by looking at its construction. Hybrid or innerspring beds are more durable and last longer than foam mattresses. 
  4. Best body type: Based on a person’s body weight, we determine how accommodating a mattress is. We use different sized sleepers to test the beds, and focus heavily on a bed’s construction. 
  5. Best sleeping position: Using different sleepers, we test the mattress in each sleeping position: side, back and stomach. 
  6. Motion isolation: We use two people to test how well motion transfer across the bed is deadened, or place a glass of water at the edge of the bed to see how much it moves if we bounce around. 
  7. Edge support: We analyze construction and physically lay on the sides of the mattress to get a gauge on how supportive it feels. 
  8. Temperature: Instead of getting fancy, we rely on our own experience sleeping on the bed and a temperature gun. We are able to tell if a bed is cooling, breathable or hot by sleeping on it for a few nights. 
  9. Smell: Mattresses in a box emit a smell once they’re unpackaged like a new car does. Don’t worry, it won’t stick around. The smell will go away after 24 to 48 hours. However, some beds emit less of an odor than others. 

Read more on how we test mattresses.

What to look for in an adjustable mattress

The truth of the matter is that many modern mattresses these days are compatible with an adjustable bed frame. Especially online or bed-in-a-box mattresses. Although, you can make the argument that some work better than others, so there are some key things you want to remember before buying a new bed for your adjustable base. 

Flexibility: You want a flexible mattress that can bend without being damaged. Most bed-in-a-box and online mattresses fit the bill because they have supple foam and springs that move independently from one another. Older innerspring mattresses, however, have innersprings that move as one unit, which may not be as ideal for an adjustable bed frame.

No box spring: This also has to do with how flexible your mattress materials are. Box springs are not bendy or ductile, so I advise you don’t use a box frame with your adjustable base. The good news is that most modern mattresses, especially bed-in-a-box and online beds, don’t require a box spring. 

Adjustable mattress FAQs

Are adjustable mattresses worth it?

Yes, sleeping in a more upright position can be beneficial for your health. Adjustable beds can help alleviate joint pain, back pain, help prevent snoring, increase blood circulation and more. 

Does an adjustable base ruin your mattress?

Most mattresses are compatible with adjustable bed frames and they will not be ruined. Foam mattresses are great options and most hybrid beds are flexible enough to bend with your adjustable bed frame. If you’re curious, check the FAQ page of the bed’s manufacturer and they’ll usually address compatible bed frames. 

What mattress is best for an adjustable bed?

Most modern mattresses will be compatible with your adjustable bed frames, especially foam beds. However, the best include the Purple, Cocoon, Tuft and Needle, Casper, Saatva and Avocado. They are flexible mattresses that easily bend when you move your bed frame up or down. 

Are adjustable mattresses good for side sleepers?

Yes. Side sleepers can adjust the upper body part of the frame and alleviate pressure around their hips and knees. It also helps keep your spine in a more neutral alignment. Just make sure you don’t dramatically elevate the head or foot so you can prevent a crooked spine. 

Do adjustable beds help with snoring?

Yes. Adjustable beds allow you to elevate your head, removing pressure on the back of your throat and opening up your airways and nasal passages which eases snoring. They also improve circulation and relieve joint pain.

What type of mattress is best for an adjustable bed?

Most bed-in-a-box mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases, but the best kind are ones that are flexible and allow for increased movement. Hybrid mattresses or beds with coils fit with adjustable bases, as well as latex foam, poly foam and memory foam beds. 

What are the pros and cons of an adjustable bed?

Adjustable mattresses have a host of health benefits and can:


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