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Beat the Heat With This $55 Dreo Tower Fan ($45 Off)


With summer temperatures hitting record highs around the country, you’re probably looking to stay cool any way you can. And one of the easiest and most affordable ways to beat the heat is with a tower fan. This 36-inch Dreo model has a ton of cooling power and convenient features, and right now you can snag it for just $55 at Walmart, which saves you $45 compared to the usual price. There’s no set expiration for this deal, so we’d recommend getting your order in sooner rather than later if you don’t want to miss out on these savings.

This Dreo tower fan has a high-efficiency motor and advanced impeller, which allows it to run quietly at just 34 decibels, making it a great option for bedrooms. But that doesn’t mean it skimps on cooling power, and can generate wind speeds of up to 24 feet per second to promote airflow throughout the entire room. Plus, it has a wide 90-degree oscillation for even more circulation. It also comes with its own remote, so you can easily adjust the speed and more from your bed or the couch. And the rear grille and impeller wheel are easy to remove and clean, so you’re not spreading dust and particulates around your house.


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