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Apple’s Vision Pro Has a Speed Limit — And Other Things We’re Learning About the Headset


It may be awhile before we get the answers to all our questions around the Apple Vision Pro headset, since it doesn’t come out until 2024. But some new facts are trickling in as developers spend time with the software.

Apple released a software development kit that lets programmers simulate what their apps could look like in spatial computing — although in a limited way for now. In July, Apple will open developer labs in six cities around the world, getting hands-on experience to test their apps on Vision Pro hardware. 

With the current tools for developers, one of the first things we learned is that there is a travel mode — and a speed limit — as well as a guest mode for loaning it to a friend and potentially the need to book an appointment to purchase it. 

With it being about a month since WWDC’s reveal of the headset, this week’s episode of One More Thing reviews all the new things we’re learning — and sometimes it brings us to new questions. You can watch the episode in the video embedded above. 


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