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Apple’s MagSafe Leather Wallet drops to its cheapest price this year | Engadget


Amazon has Apple’s iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe on sale for close to its all-time lowest price — and its cheapest price (so far) in 2023. The magnetic wallet, usually $59, is currently available for $48. It’s handy for bringing a few identification and credit cards out into the world without having to lug along a standalone wallet. Although the sale only applies to the Midnight (black) colorway, the neutral hue shouldn’t clash with any phone model or case.

Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe (for iPhone) - Now with Find My Support - Midnight


If you have a MagSafe-friendly Apple handset (iPhone 12 or later), you can snap the leather wallet onto the back of your phone (or a MagSafe-compatible case) for safekeeping. The magnets are plenty strong, so you can avoid worrying about losing your IDs or credit cards on the go. And, although it only has room for three cards, it can serve as minimalist card storage for trips out where you don’t need a thick stack of payment or store discount cards.

The iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe now supports Find My. This feature allows you to link the accessory with your Apple ID and view its last known location on a map if you ever lose it. To set it up, your iPhone will ask you if you want to connect it to Find My when you first attach it to your phone. Or, you can add it later in the Find My app by selecting the plus symbol and then “Add MagSafe Accessory.”

In addition to a deal on the latest AirPods Pro, Amazon’s Apple accessories sale also includes the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack: Instead of its usual $99, you can get the charging add-on for $84. Also designed for the iPhone 12 and later, it snaps onto your handset to supply extra battery power to help your device make it through longer days. It also has some advantages over third-party magnetic battery packs: higher voltage (making it more potent than its mere 1,460 mAh capacity may suggest) and greater charging efficiency. Finally, it integrates tightly with iOS, letting the software manage charging for you and allowing you to view its remaining level in a battery widget on your home screen.

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