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Apple’s Beats Studio Pro could include head-tracking spatial audio | Engadget


Apple’s rumored Beats Studio Pro headphones may be more compelling than AirPods for some listeners. 9to5Mac claims to have leaked specs indicating the Studio Pro will be the first Beats earphones to support head-tracking spatial audio. Until now, only more recent AirPods (such as the AirPods Pro, AirPods Max and third-gen base model) offered the feature. If you like the thought of sounds seeming to have fixed positions, these new over-ears may be worth considering.

The Beats Studio Pro might also have an edge over the AirPods Max for some of the fundamentals. They’ll reportedly last up to 24 hours with active noise cancellation enabled (40 without ANC) versus the 20 hours of the Max. You may also get both a 3.5mm jack and a USB-C port, and the 3.5mm cable could even be included in the box. On top of previously rumored personalized spatial audio, you’d get adaptive, environment-sensitive ANC and microphones that improve call quality versus the Studio 3 Wireless (pictured above).

The design is said to be similar to the Studio 3, but with improved ear cushions that promise better comfort and durability. Metal sliders may also deliver a more adjustable fit.

While the Studio Pro won’t use Apple’s self-branded chips, it will supposedly use a custom Beats chip that bolsters support for both Apple devices and Android. Both platforms will apparently support easy pairing, seamless device switching and lost-item tracking. Apple hardware may also support hands-free “hey Siri” voice commands.

Leaker Myke Hurley claims the Beats Studio Pro will arrive on July 19th, and 9to5 believes they’ll match the $349 price of the Studio 3. If so, they could be a compelling option if you’re looking for advanced Apple-made headphones but can’t justify a $200 premium to get the design and sound characteristics of the AirPods Max.


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