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Amazon Prime members can now get pre-approved for new Boost Infinite plans | Engadget


Amazon has teamed up with Boost Infinite, a wireless carrier owned by Dish Wireless, and has launched a storefront to make the latter’s SIM kits more accessible. While Amazon sells SIM cards from a variety of providers, this is a genuine tie-up that automatically pre-qualifies Prime members for the carrier’s $25-per-month postpaid wireless plan. Subscribers can purchase Boost Infinite’s Unlimited $25 SIM kit from the Amazon store with a 20 percent discount. And if they do, they’re also getting a $25 bill credit that will go towards their first month of service, provided that they’ve activated their SIM within 30 days of receiving it. 

Dish first introduced Boost Infinite in mid-2022 with a plan that offers “unlimited data, talk and text.” The plan also provides users with 5G internet, which uses AT&T’s, T-Mobile’s and Dish’s own network, though it will get throttled after the first 30GB of the month. Subscribers can add up to five lines per account, as well. Boost Infinite promises a wireless service with no surprise, or even planned, price hikes. It says members can expect to pay $25 a month for as long as they’re active. 

Customers who purchase a SIM kit from Amazon don’t have to walk into a store to activate their account. They simply need to complete their registration via the carrier’s app, after which it will pair them up with a customer support rep — a “real person,” the company emphasizes — to help them with setup and activation. To note, new subscribers can bring in their (unlocked) phones or get a new one from Boost Infinite, and they can keep or change their number. Boost Infinite’s network is compatible with both unlocked iPhones and Android devices, and it also comes with eSIM support for Apple’s mobile phones. 

Steve Downer, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Amazon, said:

“Amazon has always been about providing convenience, value, and selection to customers. Part of that is making it easier for customers to access wireless plans that are compatible with a variety of devices and can be set up from home. The Boost Infinite Unlimited SIM kit gives Prime members an exclusive deal to access affordable postpaid wireless service on one of the top networks in the U.S. at a great value.”

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