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Accessibility & Inclusion Online Conference


Make Learning Accessible

The Accessibility & Inclusion Online Conference identifies the areas where accessibility and inclusivity intersect and guides you toward design practices that accommodate a diverse learner population. Join us on August 2 & 3 and learn practical tips for ensuring that your content is broadly accessible and inclusive.

Here is a look at the session titles:

  • How & Why to Build Accessibility into the Beginning Stages of Learning Design
  • Designing for Everyone: Tips, Techniques, and Resources
  • Nurture an Inclusive Culture: What L&D Can Contribute
  • Build Accessible & User-friendly Courses in Articulate Storyline & Rise
  • Design for Inclusivity: Diversity, Racial Equity & Inclusion
  • Key Considerations for Building Inclusive & Accessible eLearning
  • Ensure That PDF Resources Are Accessible to Learners Using Assistive Technology
  • Make Accessibility More Accessible: Increasing Buy-in, Confidence, and Skill

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If you are interested in attending this online event but are unable to attend on August 2 & 3, register anyway and you’ll receive access to the recorded sessions and handouts after the event.


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