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7 Amazing Employee Onboarding Activities To Welcome Your New Hires To The Team


Fun Employee Onboarding Activities To Welcome New Members

Hiring new people is an anxiety-inducing process, both for the HR team and the newcomers. New employees have to sign documents and forms, meet new people, ask questions, and learn the ins and outs of the job, all in a short period. However, there are ways to destress all parties involved by adopting some fun and creative onboarding activities to welcome new hires to the team. Below are 7 amazing employee onboarding activities to ensure that your new employees’ experience is pleasantly unforgettable.

7 Ideas To Make New Employees Feel Welcome

1. Connect New Hires With The Team

Start someone’s first day without assigning them any tasks, just welcoming them into the team and company. The best way to do so is by introducing them to their new colleagues and connecting them with the other members via bonding activities. Whether they bond by sharing funny personal and work stories or by having a cup of coffee in the break room, all the team members will appreciate it. This way, new hires will feel more familiar with their colleagues and the company, and the rest of the team will unwind a little welcoming the new employee.

Tip: Use onboarding software to make things easier. An onboarding system will help your new hires with their paperwork and documents while also being their onboarding buddy, explaining the company’s policies, philosophy, etc.

2. Try Playful Activities To Break The Ice

What’s better for breaking the ice than a game between team members? Whether you work in the office or remotely, a game is a great idea to help colleagues come together and collaborate with the new hire to solve anything except work-related problems. Try playing a scavenger hunt which will work both in-office and virtually. Another good idea is a mystery game or a board game that will sharpen their thinking and communication skills.

3. Send Them An Employee Welcome Kit

Many companies send their new employees a welcome kit that contains office materials with the company’s logo on them, like pens, pencils, a mouse pad, etc. Kits can also contain T-shirts, mugs, or stickers for their new computers. It is a thoughtful way to show them they are welcome and valued, and it will make them know you care for their needs and are happy to provide them with the necessary resources to help them with their job.

4. Make Training Meaningful And Fun

Training is the most important part of the onboarding process. It can also make the new employees anxious and create confusion if it’s not done properly. The best solution to that is to create a meaningful and fun training process with activities that will spark their interests. Try creating realistic and fun scenarios or WWYD questions that will make them ponder and come up with solutions. Through this, they will feel more prepared for the job tasks and less anxious.

5. Ask What They Prefer

It’s thoughtful to ask your new member what they prefer in terms of the hardware you are going to provide them. They may prefer an ergonomic office chair due to back problems or some noise-canceling headphones to help them concentrate. You don’t have to get out of budget with their choices. You can go for the in-budget purchases that comply with what they will ask for. This smart move will make your new hires feel involved and appreciated.

6. Check In With Your New Hire Often

The onboarding process can be a bit overwhelming for a new employee. Check with them throughout their onboarding days, even multiple times a day. You can ask them how they liked their training or their given tasks, or if they need any guidance. You can also check with them about their meetings with the other team members or if they like their new equipment. This will give them confidence knowing that they can reach out if they ever have a problem or question.

7. Have An “Onboarding Graduation” Party

Congratulations, your new hire has finished their onboarding! What is the greatest way to reward them, if not with an “onboarding graduation” party? The party doesn’t have to be grand, just some balloons, some treats, and a congratulatory meeting with the whole team. It’s a fantastic way to make them feel appreciated and create an emotional bond between them and the team.


Creating amazing employee onboarding activities doesn’t have to be stressful or budget-breaking. It would be great to have your team members connect with your new hire first before assigning them tasks, or having them play some games together. You can also consider sending them a welcome kit and checking in about their preferences to make them feel valued and appreciated. You can also check out our list of the top content providers for onboarding to find the perfect outsourcing partner for your new hire training program.


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