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6 Handy Black-Owned Apps You Should Download Now


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Nationwide directory of Black-owned bars and restaurants

Aug. 1 marks the beginning of National Black Business Month, an ideal time to spotlight Black-owned tech platforms. Our lives are made a little easier with the aid of mobile apps that help us manage day-to-day tasks, shop, find love or discover the latest events in any city. The founders of the companies below gleaned inspiration from their own experiences and wanted to create digital tools that support wellness, financial literacy, good times and more.

While you can tap Google or another search engine to find minority-owned businesses, we’re highlighting six apps from Black creators that can be used year-round. 

solofunds wallet with dollar amount on display screen


SoLo Funds is a peer-to-peer lending platform that allows members to loan or borrow money from $20 to $575. Founded by Travis Holoway and Rodney Williams, the app launched in 2018 and has since surpassed 900,000 users and $160 million in transactions.

woman's face submerged in bath water surrounded by flowers

Exhale/Screenshot by Kourtnee Jackson

Created by Katara McCarty, Exhale was designed as an emotional wellness app with Black, Indigenous and women of color in mind. Its content is meant to provide a calming, safe space for women coping with stress, grief, microaggressions and other negative feelings.

soko app displaying outdoor farmers market with people and stands

Soko/Screenshot by Kourtnee Jackson

Need a farmers market locator? Scroll through Soko’s listings of thousands of markets and individual vendors in cities across the US. The app allows you to search for farmers markets within a 20, 50 or 100-mile radius based on your current location, home address or city of your choice. You can also search for vendors by name. Users can shop ahead of time by placing preorders from vendors in their area, and set up digital payments, including SNAP benefits.

eat okra logo against French Toast backdrop

EatOkra/Screenshot by Kourtnee Jackson

Foodies looking to discover Black-owned restaurants should download EatOkra, a directory that features a variety of cuisines including vegan, Caribbean and breakfast spots. Launched by Brooklynites Anthony and Janique Edwards, the app includes restaurants, food trucks and food brands in communities around the country.

kiddie kredit dashboard with user profiles and list of chores

Kiddie Kredit

Launched by Evan Leaphart, the Kiddie Kredit app teaches children about credit and smart financial habits. The app is aimed at 4 to 12-year-olds and tracks chores, allowing kids to earn points for tasks they complete such as homework, mowing the lawn or cleaning their rooms. The point system uses a scale of 1-100 and functions like a FICO credit score. Parents can opt to reward their kids with money or another incentive. Families can download the app for free on iOS and Android devices.

melanin on the map black and gold logo

Melanin on the Map

Melanin on the Map is a travel app geared toward people of color that boasts a global community of more than 45,000 travel lovers. Founded by Ashley McDonough, it serves as an information hub where you can find deals, destination education (and inspiration), trip tips and travel opportunities for those seeking to earn some income.

Correction, Feb. 24: A previous version of this article misstated how many users SoLo Funds has. It has 900,000 users.


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