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5 eLearning Writing Ideas That Are Hot This Month [May 2023 Edition]


Which eLearning Topics Should You Cover?

The weather is heating up, and so is the popularity of these eLearning trends. From cultivating tomorrow’s leaders to making the most of social media in your eLearning strategy, there’s no shortage of writing inspiration in this article. So, if you’re ready to share your expertise and insights with our eLearning community, here are a few ideas to consider.

5 Writing Ideas For Your Next eLI Guest Article

1. Leadership Development Challenges

What hurdles must organizations overcome when putting employees on the management fast track? Which skills must leaders cultivate to set an example for their teams and help create a stronger company culture? How can L&D and HR managers identify hidden talent, and which leadership development training activities can they implement to bring out employees’ full potential?

2. Machine Learning

What are the Machine Learning (ML) fundamentals, and how can L&D professionals leverage this branch of AI in their training strategies? What are its limitations? How can Machine Learning help personalize educational experiences? You can also provide tips to help readers choose the best ML software, explore the different types, and provide real-world examples.

3. Leveraging Social Media In eLearning

Social media may be used to stay in touch and keep up with the latest trends, but there’s no denying its eLearning potential. How can educators use social media platforms to boost learner engagement and foster collaborative learning experiences? Can Facebook, Instagram, and other popular platforms provide moment-of-need support and peer-based learning?

4. Employee Incentives

What are modern employees looking for when it comes to rewards and recognition? How can employers go beyond monetary incentives and devise more creative ways to retain top talent and motivate their staff? What should organizations consider when developing rewards incentivization programs for their multigeneration workforce?

5. Social Intelligence Skills Training

Which social skills and competencies should companies focus on in their L&D programs? Why should they launch a social intelligence skill-building strategy, and what are its benefits in terms of employee turnover and ROI? What are the types of social intelligence that come into play in the workplace?

Wrapping Up

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