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5 eLearning Trends To Explore In Your Next Guest Post [June 2023 Edition]


What Should You Cover In Your eLI Guest Article?

Our readers are always on the lookout for the hottest eLearning trends. So, why not write about the latest and greatest in the world of L&D? Fortunately, we’ve gathered a few noteworthy topics to think about, from managing time and talent to customer service courses. Here are 5 ideas to ponder for your next eLI guest article.

1. Strategies For Talent Management

How can organizations recruit top performers and reduce employee turnover? What can HR leaders do to identify hidden talent and ensure that everyone is in the right role? Why is it so important for companies to have a talent management strategy in place, and what are some of the primary components of the model? You can cover elements such as succession planning, retention best practices, and employer branding.

2. Customer Service Training

Providing stellar customer service is no small feat. So, how can organizations ensure that their employees have the skills, product knowledge, and real-world experience to improve CX scores? What are some of the top training activities businesses should implement? How can they find the ideal LMS for their customer service eLearning initiatives? Are there any tell-tale signs that it’s time to launch a customer service training course for their team?

3. Performance-Based Assessment

What is performance-based assessment, and how can organizations leverage it to move from theory to practice? What are the key characteristics and steps involved? Your article might also include a few prime examples of performance-based assessment in action, such as asking learners to create a blog post on the subject matter to demonstrate their know-how.

4. Time Management Skills

How can L&D leaders develop time management skills training courses to improve employee efficiency and productivity? Why is this skill so crucial in the workplace? How can companies use simulations, scenarios, and other real-world activities to cultivate time management abilities within their remote workforce?

5. Gamification Badges

What are some unexpected perks of using badges in your eLearning program? Are there innovative ways to incorporate this motivational gamification tool into online training courses? You can also explore how to combine badges with other game mechanics to foster friendly competition and improve learner engagement.

Wrapping Up

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