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31 Dynamic Volleyball Drills To Dominate the Court


Whether you’re a P.E. teacher, volleyball coach, or a parent looking for ways to help players grow, having some solid volleyball drills is essential. These activities can help students improve their overall performance and give specific skills, such as setting, passing, and serving, a boost. This list of drills will not only help with training and conditioning, it will also be a lot of fun!

Volleyball Drills for Elementary School

1. Teach Mini Volleyball for 6-to-9-Year-Olds

This modified, condensed version of volleyball is perfect for younger kids.

2. Volleyball Drills for Ages 10 to 12

These drills are perfect for fostering communication and coordination among upper elementary students.

3. Elementary Volleyball – Handling the Ball

This video highlights the motor, problem-solving, and behavioral skills needed for handling the ball and includes a variety of drills and games to practice with kids.

4. Elementary Volleyball Presentation

This video offers games and activities to improve presentation skills and includes an assessment.

Volleyball Drills for Middle School and High School

5. Improve the Passing of Middle School Volleyball Players

This video showcases the “Butterfly,” which encourages players to quickly learn how to properly dig a ball.

6. Dynamic Practice Design and Drills

Use your practice time as efficiently as possible with this video that shows you how to integrate a complete arsenal of fast-paced drills into any high school practice plan.

7. “Hit the Deck” Volleyball Drill

This drill demonstrates how to add a level of pressure to practice so players are better equipped on game day.

8. Competitive Volleyball Drills for Offense and Defense

These drills will improve your players’ offensive efficiency and defensive competitiveness.

Volleyball Drills for Beginners

9. Drills for Beginners

These drills are very good for improving reaction speed and readiness.

10. How To Overhand Serve for Beginners

Overhand serving is a skill that takes time to learn, but this tutorial breaks it down into easy steps.

11. Best Volleyball Spiking Drills for Beginners

These step-by-step exercises will help beginners learn how to spike a volleyball or how to spike harder with much more ball control.

12. 3 Basic Skills in Volleyball

This helpful video covers serving, passing, and setting to help new volleyball players get started.

Volleyball Warm-Up Drills

13. Volleyball: Warm-Ups & Passing Drills

This video provides tips for shuffling, passing form, stationary drills, calming the ball, and more.

14. Hit the Antenna

With this drill, players get the opportunity to work on a variety of volleyball skills with the end goal being to hit the antenna at the end of every “hole.”

15. High-Intensity Warm-Up Drills

Elevate your normal warm-up routine with these drills that focus on being goal-oriented and competitive while players learn how to compete and prepare themselves for game situations.

Volleyball Setting Drills

16. Best Setter Volleyball Training

17. Setting Drills

18. How To Become a Better Volleyball Setter ft. Team USA’s Rachael Adams

Olympian volleyball player for Team USA Rachael Adams will show you the correct hand positioning, some drills to improve your setting, and common mistakes to avoid.

Volleyball Passing Drills

19. Partner Drills

This video covers partner passing, knee passing, pass and sprint, side-to-side passing, and under-the-net shuffle passing.

20. Passing Fundamental Techniques & Drills

These drills cover fundamental passing technique and footwork and focus on medium posture stance, one-motion platform, and shuffle footwork.

21. How To Pass a Volleyball

Learn the fundamentals of passing a volleyball with details about an effective ready position, platform, and passing motion.

Volleyball Serving Drills

22. Serving Progression Drill

This drill walks us through a serving progression that helps to break down each step of serving and teaches athletes to toss the ball in the right spot.

23. Overhand Serve a Volleyball Over the Net!

There are several parts of the serve that are fundamental, and these drills will help you improve an overhand serve quickly!

24. Skill Development Drills: Serving

This video takes a comprehensive look at serving and how you can train your team to serve more efficiently and aggressively.

Volleyball Hitting Drills

25. Discover a Hitting Drill From John Dunning!

In this video, watch a hitting drill that will help setters get the ball to hitters even if the initial pass isn’t perfect.

26. 3-1 to 3 Hitting Drill

This drill puts emphasis on minimizing errors on offense and working together as one cohesive team on offense.

27. The L Hitting Drill

This video highlights the techniques needed when hitting three different sets during this L drill.

Volleyball Conditioning Drills

28. How Can a Volleyball Player Jump Higher and Quicker?

In this video, the focus is on developing reactive strength and why it’s essential for getting off the ground faster.

29. The 13 Best Ball-Control Drills

In this video, review exercises that are good for speed, agility, and coordination to improve the ball control of volleyball players.

30. Volleyball Agility and Ball Control Drills

This video shares volleyball exercises that can be used to improve readiness, speed, agility, and ball control.

31. Anaerobic Conditioning for Volleyball Players

With an emphasis on anaerobic conditioning, this video covers 10 effective conditioning drills for middle school and high school volleyball players.

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