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2023 Learning Leaders Summer Online Forum


Hone Your Skills And Gain Fresh Perspectives

Unlock the full potential of your leadership skills to better serve your organization at Learning Leaders Summer Online Forum. This three-day event will help you make strides in your professional development as you dive into dynamic sessions and conversations covering critical topics.

Join us from the comfort of your office or home on July 25–27 to explore solutions to today’s workplace challenges and network with industry experts. You’ll leave equipped with new strategies, practices, and connections to tackle whatever obstacles come your way.

Three-Day Experience Designed For Your Leadership Growth

The Learning Leaders Summer Online Forum has gone from two days to three. This new schedule offers shorter days to better fit your schedule and allow for various session formats and networking experiences. Designed for your leadership growth, the program will examine timely topics and provide actionable takeaways to tackle the challenges you’re facing.

Here’s a quick glance at a few session titles:

  • Strategic L&D: Gaining C-suite Support
  • How Committed Leaders Contribute to Learners’ Success
  • Is Learning the Solution? Understanding True Business Needs
  • Delivering Impact and Elevating L&D
  • Automating Project Management Tasks with Zapier
  • Calculating Team Velocity & Project Complexity in Agile Scrum
  • Maintaining Stakeholder Relationships
  • The Onboarding Challenge

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