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14 Team-Building Activities That Will Boost Employee Bonding


Activities For A Team-Bonding Experience

Modern workplaces are filled with employees of different experiences, generations, and backgrounds, who all need to work together effectively. Fast-paced work environments require people to focus solely on their tasks, which can cause them to lose touch with their coworkers. However, bonded teams are the key to success for any company. Let’s see how you can start implementing team-building activities in your workplace.

14 Creative Examples Of Team-Building Activities

1. Icebreaker Games

Whether your team has welcomed new members or you feel that there are some barriers among the company’s employees, icebreaker games can create a positive atmosphere from the start. If you’re working remotely or at the office, you can play games like Two Truths and a Lie, where everyone will have to guess which two of the three statements someone made about themselves are true and which one is wrong. Another example is employee bingo, where there’s a bingo sheet with facts about the team, and people have to guess which fact fits which of their coworkers.

2. Volunteer Work

Your company can organize volunteer days and assign different teams to different locations. For example, you can volunteer at an animal shelter by feeding the animals and cleaning their homes, and even help organize an adoption event. You can also lend a hand at a homeless shelter by cooking meals and donating money, or contact your local administration and see how you can contribute to the community. This can be done through garbage collection in the parks, beach clean-ups, or reforestation.

3. Outings For Lunch

You can occasionally encourage your teams to go for lunch or dinner at a nearby restaurant instead of having it in the breakroom. The company can cover the expenses, and you can even organize it at a corporate-wide level. Employees may be able to relax and open up more easily when they’re out of the office. This will result in a better team-bonding experience, and it’s also a fun way to take a breather from stressful work tasks for a while.

4. Parties

Who doesn’t enjoy office parties? Seize the opportunity on special occasions, such as birthdays, work anniversaries, and holidays like Christmas, to celebrate with your coworkers. Don’t forget to include food and mocktails. Employees will unwind and enjoy some bonding time with their colleagues and decompress from the workday. It would be a good idea to include gift exchanges with activities like Secret Santa.

5. Sports Events

If your team has an athletic spirit, then how about creating a sports event of their choice? Organize a basketball, football, or any other sports team and host friendly games with other departments. However, ensure that the matches are friendly and that it’s not all about competition. If your people aren’t into physical activity, consider sports nights and gather your team to watch their favorite events.

6. Outdoor Retreats

Vacations and short breaks are always needed, and your company should encourage that by organizing excursions or day trips. Find a suitable location, arrange transportation, and invite your team or the whole company. Whether it’s a single day or the entire weekend, your people can let go of their worries and spend time with their colleagues, creating memories together.

7. Hobby Exchange

Every month, your team can try the hobby of a different colleague and ask them for tips, guidance, and best practices for getting the most out of the experience. For example, someone may do puzzling in their free time, and they can give their peers some pointers on how to sort and finish the border in record time. Or maybe they’d prefer a group session of yoga or pilates to work on their mental and physical wellness.

8. Book Club

Similarly to the previous activity, you can ask each of your employees to share their favorite book. Then, give everyone a few weeks to read it and arrange a meeting to discuss it and share your opinions. This activity will give insights into people’s personalities and help spark interesting conversations. Additionally, you can all read a book related to your field and share your thoughts.

9. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a popular team activity that requires communication and teamwork to solve. Check out the available escape rooms in your city and be creative when choosing one; they range from offices to haunted houses to abandoned hospitals. This will bring your team together and even train them in conflict resolution since the process can be stressful but fun. You can also opt for online escape rooms if you work remotely.

10. Workshops

Workshops give everyone the opportunity to spend quality time with each other and learn new things about their careers and field. You can also organize creative workshops, such as cooking, pottery, or painting classes, to help your employees express themselves and get to know their colleagues. Host these workshops in your office, or if there isn’t enough space, you can attend nearby classes or choose the right web conferencing tool for the task.

11. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a wonderful opportunity for new employees to familiarize themselves with their new work environment and team. This activity requires them to find clues around the office and ask their coworkers questions during their first week concerning facts about the company. For example, they can ask when it was created or who is the longest-working employee. You can also set up a scavenger hunt with seasoned employees for them to discover several company tidbits by the end of the day.

12. Solving Mysteries

Solving mysteries as a team is an activity that promotes collaboration and analytical skills. You can do this online if your team works from home by finding an app with mysteries to solve. They are usually free, but you can also purchase online versions of mystery board games. If you want to do this in person, find a mystery event venue to bring everyone together and encourage them to become amateur sleuths.

13. Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs help your team members expand their knowledge in their field with guidance from more experienced employees. First, you need to pair the experts in your company with new hires or less experienced employees. This will result in them bonding over knowledge sharing about issues related to their roles in the company. Through these programs, employees will achieve their professional goals and know they have the support they need.

14. Appreciation Events

Celebrate the achievements of your teams’ or individual team members’ achievements by organizing special awards events. For example, you can establish Employee of the Month Awards and take your team out for dinner when they’ve accomplished something meaningful for the company, such as a big sale or project. These events create a supportive workplace and bring people closer since they all celebrate the success of their peers.


Team-building activities have the power to foster empathy by giving employees a new perspective on their roles and the company culture. These are just a few examples to help you get started and build a stronger team dynamic. You can also check out our Top Content Providers For Team-Building Training list to find an outsourcing partner who meets your organization’s needs.


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