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10 Free Printables for the Last Day of School


No matter how many years we’ve been teaching, one question we always ask ourselves is, “What are my students going to do on the last day of school?” These 10 free WeAreTeachers printables for the last day of school are quick and easy to use, and they might just provide the answer you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what’s included in our free Last Day of School printables bundle:

Flat lays of Last Day of School bundle

End-of-Year Bingo

You loved it in our First Day of School bundle, so we brought it back with an end-of-the-school-year twist!

My Year in Review

Think of this like an “All About Me” reflection on the past school year.

My __ Grade Memories

These sentence starters are a great way for students to remember the highlights of the year.

Flat lays of Last Day of School bundle

My Mini-Yearbook

No yearbook? No problem. This Polaroid-inspired page has plenty of spaces for friends and classmates to draw pictures and write messages.

Last Day of School Word Blank Game

Invite students to find a partner to create a silly story. Plus, it’s a great way to review parts of speech!

End-of-Year Exit Interview

Here’s your opportunity to get feedback from your students!

Flat lays of Last Day of School bundle

A Letter to Next Year’s Students

This is a wonderful writing exercise, as well as a cool gift for your incoming students next fall.

Compare and Contrast

Grab this Venn diagram and have students think about how much they’ve changed from the first to the last day of school.

Flat lays of Last Day of School bundle

Summer Bucket List

Kids can write or draw everything they’d like to do over the summer on the bucket!

Summer Word Search

Find words like beach, freedom, friends, and more!

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