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Manish Naidu is the Founder & CEO of Brainwonders- India’s largest counselling organisation. With 108 global centres and more than 12000 connected schools, Brainwonders has been revolutionising the face of academic guidance, career development and personal growth via its US Patented DMIT and Online Psychometric Tests. With Brainwonders he further developed the idea and belief of contributing back to the public i.e. the society through educational counseling means. The Brainwonders counselling team consists of vast network of psychologists persevering to provide quality career guidance and has transformed the lives of more than 7 lakh students and 325+ academic institutions, with various esteemed educators vouching for the service. In fact, under his leadership, the company has transformed many lives of all age groups and has thus become a leading ed-tech organisation. Over the past decade Brainwonders has been nationally awarded on 7 different platforms including recognition for being the most trusted and digitally innovative career counselling company. Excellence and passion is what Manish Naidu strives for- and that is exactly what has made Brainwonders a global success.